1991 and the Racial Justice Act

Continuing from the last post on the battle between Joe Biden and Pres. H.W. Bush, with each claiming to be tougher on Crime: There was one voice of reason at the hearing: Sen. Howard Metzenbaum of Ohio. Here's what he said in this area why the Racial Justice Bill should not be dropped from the new bill that would implement 30 to 50 new fatality penalty offenses: (Cite is 137 Cong Rec S 8263

Mr. METZENBAUM. Mr. President, I rise to oppose any effort to remove the Racial Justice Act amendments from the fatality penalty provisions of the crime bill. If a crime bill with copious fatality penalty provisions is to pass this body, it is vital that we deal with the obvious prejudiced nature of fatality penalty sentences.

The Racial Justice Act has nothing to do with whether you are for or hostile to the fatality penalty. It is in this area racial discrimination.[more...]

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