Your BFF is a Cossack!

Your BFF is a Cossack!Magazine via an article passed to me by a colleague, the Russians are employing electronic; which is also the photo source. surrogates across Social Media as a means of waging war. (See: One of the fascinating aspects of the campaign described in the article is the combined use of people and mechanization to accelerate the pace of the social media battle. The deft use of algorithms to determine targets and key targeting hot buttons helps to add focus and impetus to the hard work. Custom tailored messages can be sent by a amalgamation of people and bots in a cleverly orchestrated campaign to alter actions and opinions. The ancient adage ‘no none knows you’re a dog on the internet’ should be taken a step further. No one knows who you really are or who you can be on Social Media would be more accurate.Just as an individual can take on fictional characteristics in a virtual reality game, it has become quite simple to develop a fake Social Media persona and exploit that persona as needed. Each piece of propaganda in Social Media is a seed. The seeds are fed and nurtured until, much like Audrey II from Small Shop of Horrors – they are not only out on their own, but possibly more powerful than those who helped make them in the first house (Photo source for Audrey 2:

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