Twitter Is A Game With Real Consequences

Twitter Is A Game With Real Consequences I’m not much of games player, but I chose to play one today. I chose to follow @POTUS. I mean after all, how often is it that you can get statements right from the Horse’s Mouth.The President has often been criticized for this Tweet from the Hip style. I dare say that it was that style that helped get him the White House in the first house. Does President Trump know how to play the Twitter game? It would seem so. (Photo Source:, like the media, perhaps, not nearly as excellent as be with you the Twitter Game.On May 23, 2017 the NY Times published an article free “How Twitter is Being Gamed to Feed Misinformation” (see:; which is also a photo source).   My own career has been intertwined with the media as well. I wrote articles for a variety of publications, published a couple of newsletters, and continue to write this Blog after nearly 10 years.I’ve also been someone who has worked with the global media in government, commercial and non-profit roles.I’m learning that Twitter is not a purveyor of truth, but more of a conduit for thoughts emotions and messages. Tweeting is an accepted form of journalism and Tweets themselves are sources for journalists. As the article clarification the 140 reputation format is a godsend for journalists and others looking for small, pithy quotes that make their job simpler. Sorry to say it doesn’t make the journalist more accurate, it just rewards laziness.Twitter can also be the voice of the herd. Public interest and concern in this area national disasters can be gleaned from the type and velocity of Tweets in this area it. Traffic peaks and ebbs, reflecting the cumulative perspective of the herd.Twitter is a notoriously unreliable source whose constituency includes  unreal people and groups and whose platform allows small groups to act and shape as huge ones.People and robotic re-Tweeting can add gasoline to the fire as noted in the article.Given its importance perhaps those exciting with implementing MISO should have a proficiency test as they do with their personal weapons.Reader input invited.

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