An ISIS Twofer As Today’s Posting

news  %tages An ISIS Twofer As Today’s Posting There is no doubt that ISIS is one of our primary threats today. Part of the challenge is that they are an global, non-traditional threat and unlike nation states – do not play by any rules. It’s no secret that ISIS has become practiced at employing technology to achieve their nefarious goals. At the moment it appears that our rule book isn’t working and that we are playing bump-up on two fronts: propaganda and cyber.An brilliant background article, “Inside the surreal world of the Islamic State’s propaganda machine.” appeared in November of last year. The article gives the reader an inside view of the ISIS propaganda machine.“(see:, which is also a photo source). “Quick forward to 7/15/16 and we come across the article “U.S. military has launched a new digital war hostile to the Islamic State” (see: to-the-islamic-state-is-off-to-a-slow-start/2016/07/15/76a3fe82-3da3-11e6-a66f-aa6c1883b6b1_story.html) which describes the hard work of Cyber Mandate to engage the enemy digitally. Juxtaposing the two articles seems to give the edge to our adversary. The two articles leave you with the depression that the enemy has maintained the high ground in propaganda while the US is playing bump-up in production with the cyber battlefield and the digital shape war.Of course, there is the on-going cat and mouse game where each party doesn’t really want to reveal how successful they may have been or if and how their enemy has negatively impacted their hard work. Yet it makes logical sense to step back for a moment.I have always believed that ‘you train as you fight’. Unless you have trained and exercised to accomplish a task you are not likely to be very excellent at it. There are several parallel hard work at work here:1.     The use of offensive cyber weapons hostile to a non-traditional enemy.2.     The employment of cyber shape by the side of with traditional Military Information Help Operations (MISO).3.     The execution of a coordinated set of operations involving both.4.     Booster of other resources be they COTS, contract, mercenary or volunteers.One wonders how training is preparing our force to engage and dominate these battles.

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