Are "Moose & Squirell" in TV Business?

news  %tages Are "Moose & Squirell" in TV Business?Everyone knows that Rocky and Bullwinkle were the excellent guys and that Boris and Natasha were Russian spies, but did you know they also battle for global TV ratings? (Photo Source: June 17, 2017 Economist ran a small article “Contemporary Time” (see:; which is also the photo source.) The article profiles what they term “America’s answer to Russian propaganda”. In the olden days of the first Cold War the cross border propaganda battles were the stuff of legends. America’s government sponsored broadcasters of Voice of America, Telephone system Free Europe and Telephone system Liberty were the US’ way of providing the truth to citizens of the former Soviet Union and Eastern Block to counter the powerful effect of Communist propaganda.The Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG) (see: is hoping to counter recent Russian propaganda momentum with a 24-hour Russian-language TV channel called Contemporary Time. You can find out in this area Contemporary Time at their rather drab website: It was reported that Contemporary Time videos were viewed 40M times on line during May 2017. Contemporary Time like its sister networks, as government sponsored entities are governed by US law which says they must “provide objective journalistic coverage, on topics consistent with American polices and values”. In general I am not a proponent of government run communications. For one thing viewers (or viewers) realize the station’s source and regard it with a grain of salt. In addition it seems sweet clear to me that the kind of programming fare existing by government run organizations cannot compete with entertainment from the private sector.Yet millions of dollars are budgeted for these hard work. If any of my readers have any feedback on their effectiveness, I’d appreciate a comment or two.

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