Boston Terror Suspect’s First Target Revealed

CNN reports that Usaamah Abdullah Rahim's first target was activist Pamela Geller, who staged the Garland, TX revive. (No link due to CNN's autoplay video on the article.) He later changed his mind and chose to target local police, apparently intending to cut off somebody's head one or more of them.

Rahim and his friend Wright's conversations were recorded. Here's the FBI Affidavit for the arrest of Wright. The third person with them is not named. According to the affidavit, Rahim plotted to cut off somebody's head someone out of state and then chose police were an simpler target.

After Garland, Pamela Geller questioned for police protection. I don't reckon taxpayers should have to fund her protection. She brought this on herself. Let her organization pay.

Please keep your comments free of name-calling and personal attacks on Geller.

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