China Deports 20 Tourists for Watching Terror Videos in Hotel Room

A assemble of 20 tourists, from Britain, South Africa, India and other places have been deported from Plates for watching video clips promoting terrorism in their hotel room. Plates says they were terrorism clips.

The assemble, which included a 68 and 74 year ancient couple from London were on day 30 of a 47 day tour. They had visited the Genghis Kahn mauseleum in Ordos, Inner Mongolia. The next day they went to the airport to glide to the next leg of their trip (Xian), when they were detained and ultimately deported.

"The assemble is a mixture of multi-faith men and women from Islamic, Christian and Hindu religions who knew each other well and had travelled the world together in the past, including Israel and the USA.

What they had really watched (not that it should make a difference what they watch in the privacy of their hotel room): a documentary on Mongol emperor Genghis Khan. [More...]

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