Counterespionage – An Indicator of Effective Influence?

news  %tages Counterespionage – An Indicator of Effective Influence?The July 19, 2007 edition of the UK publication Send a message to (see: http://www.send a message, which is also the photo source) ran an article “EU employees espionage tools at Brexit talks amid fears of British spying”. The article talks in this area the security concerns of the EU BREXIT negotiating team.The implication is that the EU is concerned that Britain would use unfair means to learn in this area the plans and intentions of the EU team. Is it possible to interpret this in another way?Augmented security hard work reflect a dread that the ‘enemy’ is gaining an advantage in the ‘battle’. In this case the battle is over the terms of the British exit from the EU.In other situations, Venezuela for instance, augmented actions hostile to opponents are often cloaked in security terms when the real motivation is that the enemy force is winning the shape battle in the mind of public opinion. Reader comments invited.

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