Cuban Sonic Weapon Aimed at US Embassy?

news  %tages Cuban Sonic Weapon Aimed at US Embassy? On Monday, June 5, 2017 I posted “Is it time to retire Loud Speakers in Favor of LRAD?” More recently there have been a digit of articles concerning hearing and other medical problems being experienced by employees of the US Embassy in Cuba. You can find one such article from Task & Purpose at: am in no way adage that a Long Range Acoustical Device (LRAD) was or could have been used to make these medical issues. One expert quoted in the article was quoted as adage that there are no devices that could possibly make the systems of hearing loss, mild traumatic brain injury, nausea, etc. from an acoustic device. The expert felt that since there are no such devices that can cause acoustical hurt lacking being herd, this was a non-report.Another article in the UK based Guardian says “16 people were affected by unexplained problems at Havana embassy” (See:, which is also the photo source)Sources say that the ‘incidents’ started in September 2016 and finished this April.Thus far there is no firm resolve as to what caused the medical issues or even if there was a common cause. But, wouldn’t be fascinating to ‘infect’ foreign citizens in your country as a means of discouraging their presence? Could you also use tales in this area such incidents as propaganda encouraging foreign citizens to stay home?All of this would be fantastic fodder for Social Media whether right or not and of course from a PSYOP or counter propaganda perspective, we don’t care if it’s right, only the impact.

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