FaceBook – the Not So Secret Influence Tool

news  %tages FaceBook – the Not So Secret Influence Tool--> I admit I’m somewhat of a FB junkie. I’m on the site at least a couple of times a day. And, like most of us, I have read in this area how the Russians purportedly influenced the US appointment by amplifying the views of  the ‘right’. An example I read today was a September 6, 2017 article in the NY Times “Fake Russian Facebook Accounts Bought $100,000 in Political Ads” (see: http://nyti.ms/2eJpGyw) addresses one facet of the Russian campaign.I frankly didn’t get the importance of FB as an shape standard until August 30, 2017 when I was questioned to be the Red Cross spokes person (I’ve been a Red Cross Public Affairs Volunteer for years) at the San Francisco ABC Affiliate’s Day of Giving in help of people effected by Hurricane Harvey.In addition to taking donations and pledges over the buzz, my job would be to be a Red Cross voice if needed on camera. Since the last time I had been in a www.psyopwar.com TV studio was in 1997 in Pale, Bosnia, I was rather looking forward to it.The actual ‘shooting’ schedule for the news was somewhat of a moving target, but I was told that we would be doing a segment on FaceBook Live. Presume my surprise when I was escorted to the FaceBook Live control room at the station. During the telethon I was fortunate sufficient and delighted to be on FBLive with Spencer Christian, one of the station’s key weather people.  (Photo source this week: FaceBook shots take by the Author)Unlike ‘real’ TV interviews that require heavy cameras, FB Live needs only a buzz. Of course, having a quality microphone dramatically improves the overall quality of the experience by raising the caliber of the sound.For those of us in the PSYOP/MISO world, this underscores the importance of the Internet as an shape standard. It also means that we need to always be on the lookout for people that can be effective and credible spokespeople.An unfortunate downside is that tactical www.psyopwar.com CDR at all levels may assume that they are PSYOP experts and take to the airwaves themselves. History has shown that this is generally not a excellent thought, but as we have discussed on the POVA page on FaceBook and somewhere else, there is not too much you can do other than hurt control.--> Now, more than ever, we need to pay more attention to Social Media and its role in our respective shape campaigns. As always, reader input invited!

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