Grassroots Influence – Can It Work?

news  %tages Grassroots Influence – Can It Work? We all appreciate the complexity of the Middle East. In the hurricane of social media is it possible for a grassroots shape effort to succeed? One example may come from Baghdad, Erbil, Sulaymaniyah and Damascus. The effort employs Bahlool, a reputation (at right) is a Judge from a ‘very ancient time’ and is well-known in Arabic countries and is designed for the consultation to identify with. The target consultation is men and women between 15 and 25 years ancient. The team is split having people in both Iraq and Syria, they claim that some of their cartoons have gotten over 1 million views.This grassroots effort has been active in jump starting their hard work via FaceBook and YouTube. The effort started in late 2016 and in November, the team claimed: Here’s a quick snapshot from Facebook (as of 25NOV16): Total Likes:                                          119,259 Weekly Page Engaged Users:             446,764 Weekly Total Get to:                           3,151,389 Weekly Organic Get to:                      520,067 Weekly Total Impressions:                 8,499,788 Source: E-mail In December the assemble reported thousands of ‘likes’ and that they were getting many clear comments, suggestions and people wanting to help. Many of the comments were coming from displaced people in Falluja, Ramdai and Anbar. The team summarizes its philosophy by adage we fight ISIS by the thought, not by the gun because guns do not get to the mind. Reader comments encouraged.

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