Happy Holidays And A New Approach to Veteran’s Unemployment

news  %tages Happy Holidays And A New Approach to Veterans UnemploymentGreetings,I don't generally promote causes of any type, but helping our fellow unemployed Veterans succeed in life is a cause we can all shape on. Most of us have been unemployed at one point or another and learned the hard way that there are no simple solutions.A very trusted colleague of mine is one of the founders of V.E.T.S., a new approach to matching veterans with teams where they can thrive.Here's their pitch:We did it! V.E.T.S. made its promised year-end, tax-deductible donation campaign to automate our culture measurement and employment process.Yes, it’s an incredible capability you’ve never heard of. Please, take a look at gofundme.com/VetsWhoFit. You'll see our work's details on VetsWhoFit.org.Gifts should be in this area improving lives. Nothing's more vital (after family) than helping people join teams where they fit in for rewarding work! Get that part right and the rest of life goes much surpass. We can make those matches with solid analysis rather than guessing or stereotypes. This is especially www.psyopwar.com vital for young veterans (our cause) but works for everybody.Now, it's time for your help as you also help yourself. Please, please strongly consider including us amongst your holiday donations and also spread the word by using all of the options below to enlist your family and friends. — Our Reward Levels give you this job culture matching service, for life! You also have choices to bring family and friends with you. Please look for those choices on the GoFundMe page.For those of us with nothing left to donate after staying afloat, we get it because we've been there. So here's what you do: go to your friends, parents and older relatives with the truth that the V.E.T.S. process will revolutionize the way people find rewarding jobs and student bodies. Look at the small GoFundMe video for details. Help now could lead to your marvel job later, especially if you're just starting out. Really! So consider the messages below and mention us over the www.psyopwar.com holidays.You can also help by subsequent us on Twitter (https://twitter.com/VetsNp)  and liking us on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/VETS-1510479515918591/)  to stay contemporary as we pursue this marvel!Thank you for taking time to help this very vital mission. We look forward to helping our veterans across the country find places on fantastic teams where they'll fit in after serving us so well.Merry Christmas,EdA-10 Warthog callsign, 'Jefe' And here's the link and the photo source: https://www.gofundme.com/VetsWhoFit 

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