ISIS Publishes Video of Extremely Cruel Killings

science and technology  %tages ISIS Publishes  Video of Extremely Cruel Killings

ISIS continues to shock the world with atrocity killings. Its latest video, filmed in or around Mosul and released by the Nineveh Wilayat, is titled "If You Promised We Came Back." I won't link to it, but I did watch it.

In the 7 minute video, orange-clad prisoners are divided into three groups. Each makes a statement. The first assemble is place inside a vehicle. An ISIS limb fires a grenade missile launcher at the car, blowing it up and setting it on fire. The prisoners burn to fatality inside the vehicle.

The second assemble are place in a cage, suspended over water. The cage is lowered and they drown to fatality. There's a camera underwater filming their awkward drowning.[More...]

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