MISO Malpractice: The Latest Leaflet Debacle

news  %tages MISO Malpractice: The Latest Leaflet DebacleApparently it was amateur hour in the leaflet production campaign in Afghanistan. The http://bit.ly/2gYdTkw) was dropped in Afghanistan in early September 2017 broke some of the most basic rules by quoting the Quran. (see: http://nyti.ms/2eSdknQ, which is also a photo source).  leafletIN addition to the suicide bomber noted above, additional reaction is shown in the picture at left (photo source: http://nyti.ms/2eSdknQ). At issue was the use of terms from the Quran in a leaflet. Frankly, you would have to be income in a cave for the last 16 years if you didn’t realize that the Islamic faith takes their Holy Book and their Prophet far more seriously than other religions. The Charlie Hebdo killings in 2015 (see for example: http://nbcnews.to/2xgTmxG) and the 2012 incident where US troops burned the Koran (see: http://bit.ly/2wlsGb4) are only two of the incidents that serve as very excellent terrible examples and should have place everyone on notice of what to expect.Know your consultation is the first rule of PSYOP/MISO and of course any shape operation. The www.psyopwar.com blatant ignorance showed by the leaflet creators and those in the approval chain should be considered MISO malpractice. The FindLaw Legal dictionary defines malpractice as: “negligence, misconduct, lack of ordinary skill, or a breach of duty in the performance of a professional service (as in medicine) resulting in injury or loss” (See: http://dictionary.findlaw.com/classification/malpractice.html)If these leaflets were made by an outside contractor, this type of malpractice should be considered a material breach of their contract.  The contract should be terminated immediately and consideration should be given to litigation for hurts to the Coalition campaign and reputation.As for the notion of yet more cultural training – it strikes me as playing training whack a mole. When military personnel deploy they go through a pre-deployment training and official recognition. Contemporary deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan must have training on Islamic traditions and protocol to include role-playing situations designed to illustrate the right and incorrect ways to work in theater.There is simply no excuse for this type of ineptitude, especially in our longest running AO!


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