Music: Under Employed PSYOP Weapon?

news  %tages Music: Under Employed PSYOP Weapon?We all know that music can shape our moods. We react differently to Willie Nelson than to Beethoven. On October 23, 2015 the New York Times ran article that started on Page 1: “Palestinians Set Their Rage to Violent Beat”. The article ran in a digit of other places as well. (see:, which is also the photo source).The article talks in this area Palestinian protest music. Music has been a part of the Middle East throughout its history. Today’s Palestinian teenagers are spending their shekels to get the 21st century version with such bump lyrics as “Stab, stab”. According to one store owner quoted in the article, “The music is made as a way to make the Palestinian people get up and resist…The terms of these songs and the music caught up with these songs is a lot more powerful.” Social media and the Internet complement CD distribution to widen the passage. The going price is in this area 10 shekels a CD or $2.60 which is in this area 2/3 of a day’s income. (author’s math based on: some places, perhaps Africa, music might be an vital element of any shape campaign. In others, the situation becomes more problematic. For example while Afghanistan has had a long history of music, the Taliban and others have suppressed music.In any event, it’s always vital to consider any form of shape that combines senses, especially media that invoke emotion as music clearly does.

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