PSYOP Comes To The Presidency

news  %tages PSYOP Comes To The PresidencyIt is sweet clear that the President Elect understands the doctrine of PSYOP and marketing. Simple, direct messages targeted at a clearly defined consultation combined with concentrating your hard work where they will do the most excellent appear to have been keys to his unexpected success. Task and Purpose a military oriented site published an article (see: by e-mail&utm_campaign=tp-today; which is also the photo source) which, in my view sums up how the President Elect defeated the ‘establishment’.The article and the campaign contain fantastic lessons for PSYOP, but the end results and the new Administration’s ability to craft a cohesive and workable political strategy and the military strategy behind it remain to be seen.The article summed up Mr. Trump’s success in one condemn: ““He benefited from a very simple to be with you and appreciate message: ‘Make America fantastic again,’ ... That’s not in this area Donald Trump; that’s in this area the American worker who used to be punching in at the textile plant.”Voters, especially those whose manufacturing jobs, and the economy surrounding them understood the Message, agreed with it and voted for the Messenger.We also learned that star is perhaps more vital in the U.S. than any sort of qualifications or experience. To be honest, Mr. Trump is a showman, and he may stand for the proposition that there are limits to political correctness.Mr. Trump also knew his target. While the media proclaimed that his sweet spot was “non-college-educated white voters”, anecdotally I know quite a few ardent Trump supporters who are to be sure college educated and the numbers are far too huge to include only this assemble.Trump targeted the voters who make up the majority of the electorate and according to the article, Secretary Clinton was not able to garner the kind of help that President Obama did either in the black or Latino community.Mr. Trump also did very well in the ‘up for grabs’ states. I’ve often posted in this area needing to concentrate on those on the fence rather than trying to go those on either end of your message’s spectrum.The Clinton campaign also had some PSYOP examples, sorry to say, not many of them are excellent ones. Her campaign seemed to appeal to educate elites and was more often focused on Secretary Clinton herself. The “I’m with her.” didn’t resonate because, only a few wanted to be and they were concentrated in the liberal blue states.The next test for Mr. Trump will be to appoint competent and experienced people to help him guide the nation and to control his mercurial nature. He may surprise us all, or in 2020 the US will tell him “You’re fired!”

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