Everyone’s A Critic

Everyone’s A CriticI spent a honest bit of my career in marketing. I often said “marketing is like drumming, everyone thinks they can do it”.  In today’s 7x24 social media world any one can be a critic. In it’s   April 27, 2017 photograph edition, The Economist ran an article “The declining quality of Venezuela’s Propaganda” (see: http://econ.st/2oUcdHF, which is also the photo source). The article addresses how even a totalitarian regime can fall on its sword when it comes to Social Media. Nicolas Maduro, the country’s president is trying to paint a clear picture of life there, much to the dismay and consternation of Venezuelans.The power of metaphors is reflected in the comments noted in the article. In particular pictures of obviously well-fed government officials does not play well in a country where poverty and food shortages have flourished in the past two years.From a PSYOP/MISO perspective the message is sweet clear – you can’t turn an elephant into a giraffe. Shape campaigns need to be grounded in truth. Campaigns that are predicated on falsehoods will be quickly exposed and discredited.While this principle has been around for a while, the 21stCentury Social Media explosion has reinforced it.

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Dershowitz, Prince Andrew and Jane Doe 3

Both Alan Dershowitz and Prince Andrew emphatically deny the allegations of sexual activity made by victims rights lawyers for "Jane Does 3 and 4" in a long-pending civil lawsuit hostile to the U.S. arising from DOJ's handling of an investigation of sexual misconduct claims hostile to billionaire Jeffrey Epstein. Espstein pleaded guilty in state court and has long refined serving his condemn. By agreement, he was not exciting in centralized court. Dershowitz was one of Epstein's many lawyers. Read more

Imprisoned Drug and Paramilitary Leader Claims His Brother Killed Pablo Escobar

Former cartel and AUC right-wing paramilitary honcho Don Berna, aka Diego Murillo, who is serving 31 years in a Florida prison, has written a book. In it, he says it was his brother Rodolfo Murillo Bejarano, alias “Semilla,”, not the Search Bloc cop Hugo Aguilar who fired the shot that killed Pablo Escobar. Read more

The Whitehouse As A Propaganda Source

The Whitehouse As A Propaganda SourceOK, so I had a bit of writer’s block this week and my on-line teaching kept me busier than normal, so I didn’t make this week’s post on time.I’m on a variety of lists and sometimes I reflect on their relationship to PSYOP. Of course, I’m one of those heretics that believes PSYOP is a form of marketing and sales – not the same as selling toothpaste and iPads, but related nevertheless.The page at the right is from www.whitehouse.gov. I recognize that Tuesday’s (3 June 14) elections are sweet much small potatoes and the Secretary Clinton is in this area to embark on a book tour which many regard as ‘coming attractions’ to her likely presidential campaign. I’m also aware the President Obama is in the last laps of his presidency and his thoughts are likely turning to life after the White House.Nevertheless the graphic is worth a closer look for its shape value, not necessarily its content.The graph may be really accurate, but as we lawyers might say “it’s not being existing to prove the truth of the matter, it’s being existing to prove that the President kept his promise”. Quote is acutally “See this infographic to find out how President Obama is keeping his promise and bringing our troops home. The link itself is: http://www.whitehouse.gov/share/look-back-bringing-troops-home?utm_expid=24505866-29.4LXulRTVQ9abc7McEWUX4g.2&utm_source=send by e-mail&utm_medium=send by e-mail&utm_content=email337-text1&utm_campaign=afghanistan&utm_referrer=http%3A%2F%2Fmail.aol.com%2F38571-111%2Faol-6%2Fen-us%2FSuite.aspxFrom an shape perspective – simple simple to read graphics are excellent tools. By carefully designing the graphic and the scale you can sweet much get the graph to say virtually anything you would like the reader to infer.This one is a particularly excellent example of that technique. All of us in the Community know there is more to the ‘war’ in Afghanistan that the digit of boots on the ground. Even if the numbers are accurate, there is certainly more to the report and to interpreting whether or not this particular ‘promise’ has been kept.

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