Are "Moose & Squirell" in TV Business?

Are "Moose & Squirell" in TV Business?Everyone knows that Rocky and Bullwinkle were the excellent guys and that Boris and Natasha were Russian spies, but did you know they also battle for global TV ratings? (Photo Source: June 17, 2017 Economist ran a small article “Contemporary Time” (see:; which is also the photo source.) The article profiles what they term “America’s answer to Russian propaganda”. In the olden days of the first Cold War the cross border propaganda battles were the stuff of legends. America’s government sponsored broadcasters of Voice of America, Telephone system Free Europe and Telephone system Liberty were the US’ way of providing the truth to citizens of the former Soviet Union and Eastern Block to counter the powerful effect of Communist propaganda.The Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG) (see: is hoping to counter recent Russian propaganda momentum with a 24-hour Russian-language TV channel called Contemporary Time. You can find out in this area Contemporary Time at their rather drab website: It was reported that Contemporary Time videos were viewed 40M times on line during May 2017. Contemporary Time like its sister networks, as government sponsored entities are governed by US law which says they must “provide objective journalistic coverage, on topics consistent with American polices and values”. In general I am not a proponent of government run communications. For one thing viewers (or viewers) realize the station’s source and regard it with a grain of salt. In addition it seems sweet clear to me that the kind of programming fare existing by government run organizations cannot compete with entertainment from the private sector.Yet millions of dollars are budgeted for these hard work. If any of my readers have any feedback on their effectiveness, I’d appreciate a comment or two.

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EW: The Forgotten PSYOP Weapon

EW: The Forgotten PSYOP WeaponIt’s been a sweet busy week and I nearly didn’t make a posting. That is until I spotted an ancient piece in this area garage doors and the Navy. The headline reads “” Telephone system signal from U.S. Navy submarine base blamed for mystery of garage doors in Connecticut opening and closing at random” (see: system-signal-U-S-Navy-submarine-base-blamed-mystery-garage-doors-Connecticut-opening-closing-random.html; which is also the photo source). The essence of the report is that telephone system signals from the Naval Submarine Base New London (which is gives its street address as Groton, CT) were the probable cause of the bewitched garage doors. The sub base noted that the signals were part of the Enterprise Land Mobile Telephone system (ELMR) System.  A quick Google search came up with which claims that “This system is deprecated, and may no longer be in use or is superseded by another system. (see: started my career in the EW/SIGINT world I know that there are excellent things and terrible things associated with jamming. For those of you who are not EW aficionados, jamming means overpower a friendly signal so that its intended receiver cannot receive it.The excellent news is that you can deny the enemy the effective use of his transmitters be they radios, television broadcasting or mobile phones. The terrible news is that it’s not stealthy. Targets generally know when they have been jammed.  Another element is that jamming is generally a broad based weapon importance all electronics are effective; although there are some ways to jam only selected frequencies.The use of EW can also have a psychological effect. For example if an enemy force feels that they are not only surrounded physically, but they are cutoff electronically, this may induce them to give up.While TTP should dictate that EW should easily be brought into play, this is not necessarily the case. The tactical fighter typically does not have EW resources on hand. Furthermore, a sophisticated analysis needs to be performed of the impact zone of the proposed jamming to determine the nature of guarantee impact. What does this all mean?It means that the MISO CDR needs to be thoroughly familiar with and connected to their counterparts in other disciplines. Today’s posting scratches the surface in this area EW. The posting urges MISO CDR not to overlook adapting tools of combat that have not typically been included in PSYOP or MISO.Reader comments invited as always.I’m presenting at the RSA Talks in San Francisco next week – shoot me a comment if you want to connect.

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Leaked Documents Reveal Marine Corps ‘Urban Training Center’ Based on U.S. Town

Leaked Documents Reveal Marine Corps ‘Urban Training Center’ Based on U.S. TownWhistleblower says facility with Baptist church, farmhouses, used to train foreign and domestic groups
Mikael Thalen
May 16, 2014
Newly leaked Marine Corps’ documents detail yet another military urban training center that more closely resembles a small U.S. town than a foreign combat zone. Read more

Ukrainian Ultra-nationalists Threaten to Storm Parliament If Yanukovych Does Not Resign

Say they will go at 10 AM hostile to Ukraine’s main government building
Kurt Nimmo
February 21, 2014
Subsequent a deal between the Ukrainian government and demonstrators in Maidan Square today to hold elections later this year, ultra-nationalists demanded the immediate resignation of the president. If the demand is not met, they threaten to storm the Supreme Rada, or house of representatives. Read more