Leaflets Still On The Job In Age of Social Media

Leaflets Still On The Job In Age of Social MediaWhile we are attached to our smartphones day and night, it’s useful to bear in mind that in black and white media such as leaflets are still powerful tools in today’s PSYOP arsenal. Leaflets are still effective in hard to get to areas. Operation Inherent Resolve’s PSYOP team is employing leaflets in Syria, Iraq and somewhere else. (see: https://www.dvidshub.net/news/217046/leaflet-use-finds-renewed-purpose-operation-inherent-resolve; which is also the photo source). For information on Operation Inherent Resolve, you can check out their web page at: http://www.inherentresolve.mil/The 3rd Military Information Help BN, part of the 4th Military Information Help Assemble soldiers are deployed in help of operations in the Middle East. The article quotes the operations SGM for the Military Information Help Task Force (MISTF) who commented on the use of leaflets in denied areas:“Creative ways to communicate must be found and used to ensure our message is received in denied territories.”“Recipients on the ground will sometimes take photos of the leaflets and post them on social media thus amplifying our message,” the operations sergeant major added.Each ‘order’, or set of leaflets is custom tailored for that customer and that situation. Production is closer to the customer as a means of improving delivery time. The Production facility is located in Qatar rather than back at the US HQ at Fort Bragg, NC. Teams rotate from Fort Bragg into Qatar, but the quality of the product and the spirits remain high. According to the SGM “The team has done incredible work,” he said. “The professionalism of the team led to every job being timely delivered even if it meant working extra hours or during scheduled down time. It was a pleasure working with a dedicated, mission-focused team.” Of course leaflet deployment requires considerable plotting. In addition to content, it’s import to consider how the consultation will respond to paper fluttering down from the sky and to factor in the wind and other variables that will impact delivery. The point is that today’s world is not all iPhones and FaceBook. Shape comes in a variety of flavors. PSYOP/MISO personnel must be conversant in a variety of media so that they can use the best ones to the job at hand.

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77th Bde – Rebranding of the 15th PSYOPS Group?

77th Bde – Rebranding of the 15th PSYOPS Group?Computerworld UK (see: http://www.computerworlduk.com/news/public-sector/3596459/british-army-set-up-facebook-warriors-unit/?wpmm=1&wpisrc=nl_board, which is also the photo source) and other media have reported that the British military is standing up a 1,500 person Social Media Warrior Battalion. Dubbed the 77th Bde (which of course is larger than a BN), it will be a composite unit made up of reserve forces (Territorial Army) and fleshed out with active forces taken from the British Army, Royal Navy and Royal Air Force.One wonders if this is simply a re-launch and renaming of the former 15th PSYOPS Assemble (see: https://wikispooks.com/wiki/15_%28UK%29_Psychological_Operations_Group).While there is no doubt that PSYOP is an vital battlefield multiplier, one wonders if the Brits would really devote such a large force to address these missions when their defense budget overall is under a fantastic deal of pressure.The article goes on to state: “It is part of a wider ‘Army 2020’ plot to reduce the size of the regular Army from 91,600 in 2013 to 82,000 regular troops by 2017 and recruit at least 11,000 reserve soldiers to help meet the deficit.”It’s worth a moment to analyze this statement. If we take the statements together at face value it would appear that the British military will include combined units of active and reserve personnel. It would be reasonable to assume that the personnel strategy would be to have a small core and expand the core as needed. If so, the unit personnel would be housed together and presumably train together. Sounds like a model worth considering.Reader feedback, especially those with first hand knowledge of the UK force structure is much appreciated.

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Michael Brown: Latest Police Version

Ferguson police have changed their report again in this area whether officer Darren Wilson bunged Michael Brown after suspecting him on robbing cigars from a convenience store. At a press talks today, the police chief said Wilson did not stop Brown because he was a robbery suspect but because he was blocking the streets. Read more