EW: The Forgotten PSYOP Weapon

EW: The Forgotten PSYOP WeaponIt’s been a sweet busy week and I nearly didn’t make a posting. That is until I spotted an ancient piece in this area garage doors and the Navy. The headline reads “” Telephone system signal from U.S. Navy submarine base blamed for mystery of garage doors in Connecticut opening and closing at random” (see: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2178027/Telephone system-signal-U-S-Navy-submarine-base-blamed-mystery-garage-doors-Connecticut-opening-closing-random.html; which is also the photo source). The essence of the report is that telephone system signals from the Naval Submarine Base New London (which is gives its street address as Groton, CT) were the probable cause of the bewitched garage doors. The sub base noted that the signals were part of the Enterprise Land Mobile Telephone system (ELMR) System.  A quick Google search came up with RadioReference.com which claims that “This system is deprecated, and may no longer be in use or is superseded by another system. (see: http://www.radioreference.com/apps/db/?sid=6804)Having started my career in the EW/SIGINT world I know that there are excellent things and terrible things associated with jamming. For those of you who are not EW aficionados, jamming means overpower a friendly signal so that its intended receiver cannot receive it.The excellent news is that you can deny the enemy the effective use of his transmitters be they radios, television broadcasting or mobile phones. The terrible news is that it’s not stealthy. Targets generally know when they have been jammed.  Another element is that jamming is generally a broad based weapon importance all electronics are effective; although there are some ways to jam only selected frequencies.The use of EW can also have a psychological effect. For example if an enemy force feels that they are not only surrounded physically, but they are cutoff electronically, this may induce them to give up.While TTP should dictate that EW should easily be brought into play, this is not necessarily the case. The tactical fighter typically does not have EW resources on hand. Furthermore, a sophisticated analysis needs to be performed of the impact zone of the proposed jamming to determine the nature of guarantee impact. What does this all mean?It means that the MISO CDR needs to be thoroughly familiar with and connected to their counterparts in other disciplines. Today’s posting scratches the surface in this area EW. The posting urges MISO CDR not to overlook adapting tools of combat that have not typically been included in PSYOP or MISO.Reader comments invited as always.I’m presenting at the RSA Talks in San Francisco next week – shoot me a comment if you want to connect.

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The Military As A Career Booster, The Draw Down – What does it mean to you?

The Military As A Career Booster, The Draw Down – What does it mean to you?Today’s posting was triggered by the article: “Should I Join The Military To Advance My Career? (See: http://www.realcleardefense.com/articles/2015//28/should_i_join_the_military_to_advance_my_career_108290.html, which is also the photo source. I plotting it would be helpful for my to offer my perspective as a semi-retired dude to those of you who are just starting or are down the career path. Perhaps it’s because I had dine with 3 of my 4 grandchildren yesterday and reckon in this area their prospect often. I strongly believe that a military stint is an incredibly valuable experience. It may not lead to a career and you certainly won’t delight in every moment, but you will (as the article states) be changed – for the surpass. You will find you can do things you never plotting possible and that you may really have an affinity for leadership or for one or more of the particular skills you’ve picked up or expanded upon in the military.My advice is pick a Military Job-related Specialty (MOS) that appeals to you, perhaps one that expands on your previous education or aptitude. As the article points out – it’s probably smarter to pick a specialty that can easily translate into civilian skills.A MISO Tactical Team Leader is a fantastic example. You are not only the manager of a team, but you are production with influencing people every day. You need to have the discipline to make a plot and carry it out. In most cases the tactical team is engaged in some kind of activity requiring interacting with people of all types – a very valuable skill.While we constant debate whether or not PSYOP/MISO = marketing and sales, I believe we can certainly clarify to prospect employers how our military experience will help their company succeed. It's clear that the shape of the military is changing. The active force is being reduced significantly and there may or may not be trade offs between uniformed positions and contractors. No matter what the outcome, your military experience will make you a surpass person and a stronger candidate for that next job.

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Azamat Tazhayakov Testifies Against Robel Phillipos

Hoping to get a lower condemn when he is sentenced for obstruction of justice, Azamat Tazhayakov testified hostile to his friend Robel Philippos yesterday. Phillipos is exciting with making fake statements to the FBI. Initially, the FBI says, he lied in this area being in the dorm room. Then it claims he lied in this area the actions of his two friends, Azamat and Dias Kadyrbayev, who were present in the dorm room, with respect to what he saw and heard later at their apartment. Tsarnaev had already been named a suspect at the time, and his photo had been released to the media. Twitter has more coverage from reporters who were live-tweeting from the courtroom. They don't seem to have used a standardized hashtag -- a search within Twitter for Robel brings most of them up. Read more

ISIL Softer Touch Video Approach

ISIL Softer Touch Video ApproachIn this area a month ago, on August 21, 2014 I made a posting in this area the brutal murder video (see: http://www.psyopregiment.blogspot.com/2014/08/shock-imagery-excellent-or-terrible-for-psyop.html). In that post I talked in this area consultation impact. There is no doubt in my mind that ISIL is an adaptable enemy and, like any creature trying to insure its own survival, has made adapted to deceive its enemies and elude destruction.Perhaps recognizing that there will always be a slice of the population that will believe what it wants to believe and who can be easily swayed, the assemble has turned its video strategy around by using a journalist prisoner spokes person, John Cantlie. (See http://www.nytimes.com/2014/09/19/world/middleeast/british-hostage-warns-the-west-in-new-isis-video.html?_r=0; which is also the photo source).Cantlie is a prisoner and while clearly under stress, he comes across in a matter of fact like manner. According to the NY Times article Cantlie promises that there will be further videos coming by the side of that will help clarify the ‘truth’ from ‘the other side of the report’.The video is anything but homemade. The quality is excellent and there is a news-like professionalism to it. The implications of the video are vital.1.     The Internet is a global standard, one whose metaphors are credible to at least a slice of the consultation.2.     If you are hoping to shape people that you are merely being an objective speaker, professional caliber production is a must.3.     Personifying your cause with a likeable spokesperson is a solid and proven technique.4.     If you promise more, you will need to deliver.5.     This propaganda offensive will likely result in attitudinal gains by the enemy.6.     Direct countering may be not be productive because the affected consultation will believe only what it wants to.7.     The technique is a excellent one and may be adapted for friendly usage. This might be appropriate in looming urban battlegrounds where credible spokes people may be able to directly shape the population on behalf of the coalition.8.     PSYOP Task forces must have preplanned how to produce their own videos and must have skilled personnel working with spokespeople to insure they are at their best.9.     Contracting with professional studios and production resources close to the battlefield may make more sense than get to-back if the appropriate resources are available.Let’s see what the next installment will bring.

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DOJ Endorses Guideline Reduction in Federal Drug Cases

Attorney General Eric Holder testified today at a hearing of the U.S. Sentencing Commission on proposed amendments to the sentencing guidelines, one of which is to lower drug sentencing guidelines by two levels. He supports the change. Once standard by the Commission, unless Congress rejects the proposed amendments, it will go into effect Nov. 1. In a press release today, DOJ says: Read more