Blog Entry 500: The Rumors of the Demise of the “Caliphate” May Be Greatly Exaggerated

Blog Entry 500: The Rumors of the Demise of the “Caliphate” May Be Greatly Exaggerated This entry marks the 500th entry into the PSYOP Regimental Blog. In December 2007 I took electrons in hand in a way that I hoped would help to advance the state of Psychological Operations (PSYOP). As the then Honorary Colonel of the PSYOP Regiment of the US Army I plotting it was my duty to use my writing talents to highlight develops in PSYOP now referred to in US doctrine as Military Information Help Operations (MISO). At first I plotting this auspicious 500th post should wax eloquently in this area the last ten years and offer some Gandalf like insight into the prospect as expressed by the past. Then I realized that while I write the Blog party because I like to, I write what I want because, someone has to.One of my favorite authoritative publications is the Economist. On July 7 they published an article “the Islamic State nears its end” (see:, which is also a photo source). The article addresses Mosul, Iraq of today and how the failure to heed lessons learned from previous failures in Iraq (and somewhere else) may lead to yet other variations of jihadist or bias. The Economist has no illusions that a military victory is not an end, rather it is a beginning. Just because an enemy force does not have a of ground to call its own, doesn’t mean that it is defeated.Task and Purpose, another one of my favorite sources, in black and white an article covering the interview that SecDef Mattis had with an enterprising High School student (see:; another photo source). One of the key points he made during that interview was “I don’t care for ideological people. It’s like those people just want to stop thinking,” Mattis said. “I reckon ideologies can be countered by showing people a surpass education and hope for the prospect by learning how to get by the side of with one another. And for all of our problems in our country, we’re probably still the best example of that in the world.”The SecDef knows that ideologies are not defeated with guns, rather these evil thoughts only fall by the wayside when they are no longer relevant and abandoned by their former believers.Helping audiences recognize that democracy and the freedoms of speech and religious conviction that come with it provide a lifestyle in which individuals, families and communities can thrive is a major step forward to eliminating terrorism. Helping convince people is what we in the PSYOP community do. I hope that the Regimental Blog, in it’s nearly 10 year and 500 posting history has had a small part in furthering that goal.

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Comics: The Real Super Heroes of Middle Eastern Influence?

Comics: The Real Super Heroes of Middle Eastern Influence?Many of us will admit that ‘comics’ were a huge thing in our lives at one point or another. Today’s comic reader is more likely to be a 20 or 30 or even 40 something than they are to be a teenager especially if we are talking in this area the Middle East.The Economics of November 8, 2014 ran an article “Laughing at the humorless” (see:, which is also the photo source) which addressed how the “region’s comics have long used subtle satire to criticize their authoritarian regimes, yet with small success in effecting change.The Middle East is certainly nothing to laugh at, especially these days. Much of the cultural and sociological norms there remain a mystery to Western audiences even those exciting with influencing the region.It strikes me that comics can be an effective way to gradually shape actions. If I could wave a magic wand I would make a credible lead reputation whose trials and tribulations are captured in comics that are easily related to by a Middle East consultation.We talk in this area videos going viral and getting hundreds of thousands of views, I wonder if help to rising comic authors makes sense as a logical part of US Middle East shape hard work. Comments are very much encouraged.

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Walking with warriors

Walking with warriorsThe U.S. Walking with the Wounded team gets accustomed to extreme weather during a training trip to Iceland in preparation for an expedition to the South Pole. Team guide Inge Solheim kept the wounded veterans skiing during a snowstorm for hours so they would know what to expect at the South Pole, where they will have to ski in this area 211 miles, in temperatures that could be well below unenthusiastic 30 degrees Fahrenheit with 55 mph winds. (Photo courtesy of Walking with the Wounded) Read more

No Money for Federal Defense But Costa Rica Gets New Computers

A hearing was held yesterday on sequester cuts to defender services. Funding for centralized defender services is quickly becoming a constitutional quandary. Centralized defender offices are facing closure, centralized courts are considering doing away with juries in civil cases, fees for appointed counsel are being delayed, and funding is being slashed for probation and pre-trial services. The Judiciary has requested emergency funding, and Congress has not acted on it. Here is the statement of Hon. Julia S. Gibbons, Chair of the Committee on the Budget of the Judicial Talks of the United States. Read more