The 2016 Super Bowl and PSYOP

news  %tages The 2016 Super Bowl and PSYOPI’m probably the last guy in the world to use sports analogies and I duly apologize to my non-US readers – but the 2016 Super Bowl was a fantastic example of PSYOP. The ‘smart money’ was on the Carolina Panthers and their astounding Quarterback, Cam Newton, to best the ‘ancient-time’ Denver Broncos and their fading leader, Peyton Manning. Manning was, after all, the oldest QB to play in a super bowl.(Score Photo Source: While Denver had a excellent defense, the Panthers were touted as an all around surpass team. After all, they had a 16/1 confirmation and had won a digit of games in blow-outs during the season, while Denver had some real squeakers to make it to the Super Bowl. Their young and mobile QB was 6’5” and weighed in at 245 pounds – larger than ‘normal quarterbacks. (See: key military principle is that the advantage goes to the defender. Does this mean that a excellent defense will counter a fantastic offense? Perhaps, but not by itself.In the case of the Super Bowl we had kinetic PSYACTs. QB sacks and mandatory fumbles combined to rattle the seemingly always-confident Newton. Perhaps it was because Carolina had not faced such a excellent defense all season, or perhaps Newton is too young and inexperienced in the NFL to deal with setbacks or perhaps the Super Duper Super Bowl stage was too huge.Here’s a shot of Cam Newton during the Star Luminous Banner (source: of praise-propriety/)Here he is walking off the field. Clearly a general who has been defeated, perhaps by himself. His counterpart, Peyton Manning was not much of a star, but he was the general of the winning ream.  (Source: can work in many settings – even in sports!

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