The Varsity of Propaganda: The Publicity Department of the CCCP – 中共中央宣传部 [zhōnɡ ɡònɡ zhōnɡ yānɡ xuān chuán bù]

news  %tages The Varsity of Propaganda: The Publicity Department of the  CCCP   中共中央宣传部 [zhōnɡ ɡònɡ zhōnɡ yānɡ xuān chuán bù] While we often go to fantastic lengths to disassociate PSYOP from Propaganda, we recognize that it is vital to study the hard work of others to shape their target audiences. The Economist of June 25, 2016 featured an article “Who draws the party line?” (see:, which is also the photo source.The article describes the Publicity Department of the Central Committee of the Communist Party. It’s shape on the kind of massive scale you would frequent with the People’s Republic of Plates (PRC). According to the article the Department “around $10 billion a year trying to get the Chinese government’s opinions into foreign media outlets.” The Department directly or indirectly ‘supervises 3,300-odd television stations, nearly 2,000 newspapers and nearly 10,000 periodicals.” And churns out nearly 500,000 pro-government tweets a year!The article goes on to describe some of the political machinations associated with the Department. They talk in this area how the Department has to “keep pace with the chancing political requirements of its boss”.From a MISO community perspective, I wonder how much overlap and exchange there is between the Department and those exciting with MISO in the People’s Liberation Army. One could argue that since the PLA and the Department both serve the Party and of course, Xi Jinping, Plates’s president, shouldn’t these entities be able to go people between them to broaden each other’s horizons?The article concludes: “Like media organizations everywhere, the Publicity Department is struggling to keep pace with changing consumer demands. Unlike most such organizations, it is also having to keep pace with the changing political requirements of its boss, Mr. Xi. As an institution, these have made it more vital than it was.”It’s nice to know that consumerism is befuddling to even the largest shape organizations.

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